Four Resolutions For Longer Stronger Hair In 2018

long natural hair .jpg


We're all about growth in 2018 dolls!  Here are four tried and true ways to give your hair a head start to bountiful and beautiful!

Avoid Heat

Heat damage is no joke.  Whether you're blowdrying or flat ironing, heat is not your friend and can really destroy your curl pattern, strip your hair of its natural moisture, cause breakage that's difficult to repair and stunt your hair growth.  Resolve to have heat free hair this year!

Deep Condition

You must have heard this before, but it's worth repeating! Deep condition, deep condition, deep condition!  The rewards of this weekly regimen are so worth it. Be consistent about treating your hair every week and you will reap the benefits of stronger hair, a healthy scalp and you guessed it - hair growth!

Protect Hair At Night

Don't skip this step. We know sometimes you cant find your damn head scarf or bonnet and it's so tempting to dive in and deal in the morning, but don't!   The tangle is real, and destructive. Damaged ends, and dry hair are guaranteed if you make a habit of sleeping without your protective gear. 

Keep Hair Moisturized

Just in case you didn't know, natural hair loves moisture!  As a naturally curly girl, water is your best friend. Invest in a spray bottle or several, a good leave-in and a daily go to moisturizer. You're going to need all three.  Moisturize your hair when wet or damp, this is what results in hair that looks shiny and polished when dry.  

Keep these four resolutions and you'll be well on your way to stronger, longer and healthier hair this year!