Colour Care For Carnival Hair


It's Carnival Dolls!

Even if you're not planning to be a Masquerader this season, you may be considering getting festive with your hair colour.  Come through! We're all about a little experimentation now and then. But first, here are a couple things to consider before you make the change. 

Preparation Is Priority 

Regardless of what colour you're going for, you're going to want to make sure your hair is in as healthy a state as possible before you think about colouring.  That means primarily making sure your hair's moisture retention strength is at its max, since colour treated hair is more prone to dryness. To do this you should start treating your hair at least a month in advance of when you plan to colour.  Remember, moisture starts in the shower. So your weekly pre-colour treatment regimen should begin with a sulfate free shampoo and intense conditioner followed by a deep conditioner specifically formulated to increase moisture retention and correct existing damage. You'd also want to make sure you use an oil to seal in moisture when styling for best results. 

Our Recommendations


We know coin is always a consideration, and DIY colour can be achieved but here's what you need to know.  We spoke to professional stylist Marlene Williams of SoHair Skin and Nails Beauty Salon and she says, "Box dyes are sometimes much stronger than professional salon formulas, so regardless of your hair's strength, it's going to be subjected to that formula. An experienced stylist can check a clients porosity and apply and monitor accordingly."   If you're going DIY though, opt for a gel or liquid formula for full coverage. 

Marlene also gave us some useful tips to obtain a coloured look without the commitment. Alternatively she suggested inserting weaves as highlights or camoflauging colour by applying to ends only or at the back of the hair to achieve a festive but office appropriate look come Ash Wednesday. 

Go brave girl! Tag us on IG @beautybagtt if you're colouring for Carnival this year!


*Marlene Williams is a Professional Stylist and Nail Technician, located in Marabella, San Fernando. Book her at 765-2030.