Fast From These Foods, Your Hair Will Thank You!


It's Detox Time Dolls!

I think we can all agree that coming out of Christmas and Carnival, there are more than a few foods we can stand to do without for a month or two.  Pressing reset on your daily diet can really work wonders for your hair.  Take a break from these familiar offenders for a bit, your hair will definitely thank you. 


Did we stutter?  Cocktails, Carib, cake and candy, sound familiar?  A high sugar diet correlates with high levels of inflammation in the body and inflammation is never good.  Some studies suggest that too much sugar is also linked to hair loss and the onset of conditions such as Alopecia.  Other side effects include hormone imbalances, and reduced levels of essential vitamins necessary for hair growth, including Vitamin E and D.   Evidently, you'd be doing your hair and your body a huge favor to forgo dessert for a bit. 


While you're at it, you might want to hold off on the chips and popcorn. High sodium consumption can be toxic to your strands, with effects including build up around hair follicles depriving them of vital nutrients.  Avoiding salt can be a challenge, but in addition to saying no to salty snacks you should also opt to abstain from canned and processed foods. If salt for taste is an issue, try seasoning your food using natural herbs and spices instead. 

Soft Drinks 

Coke or Big Red?  Either way, your hair doesn't need the calories, the caffeine, artificial colouring or the processed sugar! While a soft drink can sometimes be a great thirst quencher, the fact is that they actually do the opposite - dehydrate your body and by extension your hair.  Don't want dry hair? Ditch the Sprite!