L.O.C vs L.C.O Method


Ladies let’s talk about the much debated L.O.C. and L.C.O. method!

To break it down, it’s the order of product application when styling and moisturizing your hair. L.O.C refers to (Liquid, Oil, Cream) and L.C.O (Liquid, Cream, Oil).

Layering your hair with your product using either method allows you to lock in maximum moisture to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Through layering, you are able to strike a balance between how much moisture goes in to prevent it from evaporating quickly. 

Water is hair’s natural liquid moisturizer hence it is the first letter in both methods, and using it to moisturize is a step we should never skip. Added to water oils provide a sealing layer and creams add a thicker layer of hyrdation and softnesss. 

Let’s break it down even further:


This is the use of water or any water based product like a water based leave in conditioner, or other water based ingredients like aloe juice or aloe gel. 


This includes oils such as olive, coconut, castor, almond, argan or an oil mix of your own.


A cream consistency product or thicker butter depending on hair's porosity.

The L.O.C method starts with water, so have your spray bottle handy. Follow up with a water based leave in conditioner for extra moisture. Apply your oil of choice to seal in your liquid and follow with your cream product for your final step of hydration. For the L.C.O method your’re simply switching out the order of the C and O steps.   

So, which method works better?

Both methods provide mositure retention for your hair. However, most times your preferred method would be based on your hair’s poristy. If you have low poristy hair your may prefer the L.C.O method and if you have high poristy hair the L.O.C may be more applicable. 

For low poristy hair types it’s important that your C (cream) step is a water based hair cream and not a thick butter. A thinner hair cream can easily penetrate your tightly packed cuticle layer and not sit on your hair the way a butter would. Your O (oil) step should also be a thinner oil like almond or argan vs a heavy oil like castor oil. 

For high poristy hair types ensure that your  C (cream) step is a thicker butter suited for maximum hydration for your open hair cuticles. With your O (oil) step include a slightly thicker oil like castor or coconut. 

There you have it ladies!  Experiment and try both methods to see which suits your hair best.

Happy Hydrating!