How To Do Wash Day Right !

wash day.jpeg

Sunday's are all about self-care right?

It's wash day doll!  

Don't give me that look. Yes we know wash day can be a dreaded chore for some of you, but if you do it right it can go a long way to saving you hair prep time in the week ahead. 

Don't get me wrong, if you have curly and natural hair wash day ain't no joke. But it doesn't have to be a tedious challenge. With a little patience and method to your routine, you'll be done in no time!

Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to get wash day done efficiently and successfully. 

Let's Go...


Pre-what? Basically pre-pooing is a conditioning process done before you shampoo and condition your hair. The conditioning can include a concoction of hair oils, or a mix of conditioning natural ingredients like avocados, bananas, coconut milk of honey. This process can be done an hour before shampooing or overnight. Now you're probably wondering why do this step if you're about to wash it out after you shampoo. Good point. However it's really important to prep your hair with moisture to endure the tension and manipulation on your wash day. 

Sections, Sections, Sections!

Ladies we are not in a Pantene commercial and lathering up your shampoo all over your head in a circular motion is a no no. Instead, divide your hair into sections in a few braids or twists to cut detangling in half. 


Be sure to use a  sulphate free shampoo to prevent stripping and drying out of your hair. If you experience excessive product buildup, use a clarifying shampoo. Focus mostly on your scalp while washing and let the shampoo rinse down your strands. 


Detangling can be done prior to shampoo or while conditioning. To detangle effectively start from your ends then work your way up to your roots. This minimizes tension and breakage on your delicate curls, kinks and coils. Also try detangling under running water with your conditioner to increase slip and work through your tangles easier. 

Deep Conditioning 

This step is the most important part of any wash routine and should be done EVERY TIME. Find a deep conditioner that addresses your particular hair needs whether it's moisture, repair, strengthening or protein treatment and generously work through your curls. Feel free to add your favorite oil to this step to enhance your treatment  and moisture benefits. Let your deep conditioner sit for an hour if you're not using heat and a minimum of thirty minutes with a hooded dryer or heat cap for deeper penetration. Rinse and you're done!

Drying Time 

FYI, your bath towel is not exactly the best material for drying your delicate curls. The fibers of a regular towel are rough and abrasive and can result in damage and frizz. Swap your towel with an old cotton t-shirt or a micro fiber towel. Avoid rubbing your hair dry, instead gently squeeze excess water out of your hair. 

Thats a wrap dolls! Wash day is over. If you've found this helpful shout us in the comments section. We love hearing from you all. Tell us how you manage wash day and the tips and tricks that work for you!