Six Tips To Reach Your Hair Goals In 2019



Know Your Hair Porosity

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!! If your hair is natural in 2019 and you are still unaware of your hair porosity, grab your notepad and listen up. Your hair is about to make a 360! Your hair porosity is one of the most important factors that you can determine. Why? The minute you know your hair porosity, is the minute you will know what types of products to use. The porosity of your hair determines what products will absorb into your hair easily to maintain maximum moisture. Confused? Check out our in-depth article all about hair porosity. 

Seal In Moisture  

This tip is often overlooked in most natural hair routines or sometimes done incorrectly.  Oil and hair butter are the best sealants. In order to seal moisture in you have to put moisture in. Oils are not going to moisturize your hair…. (I repeat for the ladies in the back)…Oils are not going to moisturize your hair. Oils do a great job of sealing moisture into the hair. The best moisturizer for natural hair is water, followed by other water-based products such as leave in conditioners and hair creams. After you apply these to your hair, adding a layer of oil over it helps maintain the hair’s moisture and prevents your hair from drying out quickly.

Trim Those Ends

Want growth? Trim your ends. It may seem counter intuitive but trimming ends and retaining length go hand in hand.  Don’t go overboard! If you are over trimming your ends you are not going to retain much length either. There is no specific formula or amount of times for the year a person should trim. Every person is different based on hair health, routine and hair practices. Some may need to trim more often than others.  Although we don’t discourage DIY trimming, we strongly recommend you have a professional stylist trim your hair with the right tools. Sometimes your at home scissor may be doing your ends more damage than good.  Trimming should be done when needed.  If you are experiencing dry brittle ends that are unable to absorb moisture, it’s more than likely time for a trim.  Remember there is no point holding on to damaged ends for the sake of length. You’re more likely to hit your length goals much faster with healthy ends.

Do Low Manipulation/ Protective Styles

Protective styles and low manipulation styles are exactly that. They protect and encourage little manipulation, which are major benefits to all naturals, whether you are a beginner, transitioning or have been fully natural. Your hair sometimes need a break from constant styling and touching to thrive. However, this is a tricky tip because there are a few factors that play a significant role in the success of your protective style or your low manipulation style.  A protective style has to protect the hair, so it’s important that these are not done too tight to put tension or stress on your hair nor should they be left in for too long or done too often to prevent damage. Properly maintaining our natural hair during this period with regular moisturizing will ensure a healthy scalp and moisturized hair.

Get Your Treatments Done 

We can never say this enough, Deep conditioning is a natural girl’s best friend.  Regular deep conditioning as in every week or every other week is super important to keeping your hair properly hydrated, maintained and in great condition. If you are a high porosity natural or are experiencing color treated damage or other chemical damage, once a month protein treatments are a great addition to fill in the gaps in your hair and address common issues like dryness, frizz and breakage.

Eat A Healthy Diet

We’ve heard it time and time again, how what we put into our bodies affect our hair, skin, nails and overall health. Do your hair a favor this year and feed your body lots of vitamins and minerals that support healthy hair. It’s literally a win win for your hair and your overall health.

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