Why You're Not Retaining Hair Moisture

Dry Hair  PM.jpeg

Dry hair and a lack of moisture is one of the most widely experienced issues with natural hair and curls. The spiral and coily composition of our hair, presents a challenge in not only ensuring that our strands receive natural oils from our scalp but also maintaining moisture along the hair shaft. It’s not impossible to address and combat this challenge ,but it certainly requires some change, knowledge, discipline and patience.

Seven Habits That Make Your Hair Dry

Not Drinking Enough Water

What we put into our body 100% affects what we get out. Water helps our circulatory system, which provides nutrients to our cells including our hair follicles. Drinking enough water on a daily basis helps hydrate our hair from the root. In addition to drinking lots of water, water is the best natural moisturizer for our hair. So it would make sense that our products include water as a main ingredient for moisture. Water should be the first or second  ingredient on your moisturizer label.

Skipping Sealing In Your Routine

When moisture absorbs into our hair from water or our products, we want to ensure that it stays in for a long as possible. This is where sealing comes in. Sealing with an oil or butter locks applied moisture or existing moisture into your hair for longer periods. It is important to note that oils are not moisturizers, they are sealers. So for sealing to effectively occur, hair needs to be hydrated and moisturized first before applying your oil to seal or your butter to seal. Oils that are great for sealing include castor oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and avocado oil. Butters great for sealing include shea  butter and mango butter.

Not Knowing Your Hair Porosity

You’ve probably heard about that “p” word before and it is not to be overlooked. Your hair porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture. Having this information allows you to identify the type of products that your hair will absorb the best. Knowing your porosity will indicate the product consistency you need (watery vs thick), the ingredients to avoid or must have as well as the type of oils that will produce the best results for your hair needs. 

Sleeping Without Protecting Your Hair

If the shoe fits then listen up! Yes jumping into bed after that long tiring day without your scarf or bonnet is going to cost you your hair’s health. When we sleep without covering our hair the fibers from our cotton pillow cases sap the moisture out of our hair and creates a friction between our strands and the case. This  creates breakage, dryness and damage to our hair. Silk or satin fiber scarfs or bonnets will allow your hair to hold smoothly while you sleep without causing friction to your strands of absorbing the moisture from your hair. 

Not Deep Conditioning Enough

 We know you’ve heard this one before, but we’re going to make sure you hear it again just in case you forgot.Deep conditioning is imperative because it provides moisture that penetrates your hair shaft deeper than your daily moisturizers do. When you perform this step on a weekly basis with heat you are repairing, strengthening and maintaining moisture in your hair. Using it with heat allows your cuticles to open to properly absorb your deep conditioner.

Over Manipulation

Constant styling creates tangles, shedding, breakage and dryness. Sometimes our hair just needs some downtime and rest. Protective styles and low manipulation styles are perfect during these times. Ensuring that our scalp is hydrated during our protective and low manipulation styles promotes more hair and moisture benefits during this period.  

Too Much Heat

This is an obvious one but one that shouldn’t be ignored. The ability to wear our hair straight and curly is tempting but should be done, if at all, with extreme moderation. Excessive heat goes hand in hand with excessive dryness. Even with the best heat protectants, prevention is better than cure. Consistent flat ironing damages your curl elasticity,which  increases breakage and loss of moisture.

 There you have it ladies! If you are guilty of any of these, it’s not too late to quit those habits, make some changes and turn your hair woes into hair goals.