Sealing Your Curls, Coils or Kinks

Seal your curls!

Sealing your curls should be a part of every natural hair routine and is a crucial step for type 4 naturals in particular. With type 4 curls, the natural oils from your scalp does not easily travel down the hair shaft as it would in type 3 curls. As a result naturals with kinky and coily hair are required to seal more regularly because of the tightly coiled pattern of the curl.

Without sealing your hair, your hair will appear dry, lack shine and will break easily. Sealing type 4 curls with an oil or butter helps maintain moisture in your hair. Whether you have low porosity or high porosity hair, sealing your curls with oils or butters lock in moisture absorbed from water and water based creams and moisturizers.

What’s the benefit of sealing?

Hair that holds moisture in longer, length retention from the absence of dryness, shine and overall healthy hair. Sealing your hair simply involves applying a layer of oil or butter in sections of your hair and along your strands while styling. This process can be included last in your routine after your leave in conditioner and moisturizing products. Or it can be applied immediately after your leave in conditioner followed by your moisturizer. See our article all about sealing in your moisturizing routine (lco vs loc method) and sealing the ends of your hair (sealing your ends article)

*Note oils do not add moisture to your hair. Their primary function is to provide a layer over your strands that keeps moisture absorbed from water and water based products in longer.

Like most steps in your natural hair routine, keeping your hair porosity in mind should not be overlooked. Here are our top picks for oils and butters best suited for sealing low porosity hair and high porosity hair.

Oils for sealing low porosity hair

Jojoba Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Argan Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Pomegranate Oil

Sunflower Oil

Oils and butters for sealing high porosity hair

Castor Oil

Olive Oil

Avocado Oil

Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

Mango Butter