Understanding Type 2 Curls

Caring For Your Type 2 Hair

Type 2 hair as we know is the most wavy and loose pattern of all the curl types. This hair type does not have a challenge with shine or severe dryness because oils can easily travel from the roots along the hair shaft. However type 2 waves still requires moisture and care.

Frizz can be a challenge and dryness will occur if proper methods of moisturizing , styling or color care is not established. Because type 2 hair has the closest resemblance to straight hair, this curl type is usually improperly treated and experiences a lot of heat damage.

Flat irons are often used to manage this hair type on a regular basis as well as other straightening chemical processes such as Keratin Treatments. Excessive flat iron use and straightening treatments damages the appearance of your waves, leaving them thin, stringy and dry.

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